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The Private Pilot Certificate in a Airplane Single Engine Land (ASEL) is a lifetime accomplishment which qualifies you to fly an airplane with passengers, day or night, in good weather.

This certificate never expires, providing you complete a flight review every 24 months — This includes a minimum 1hour of fight and ground instruction.  To carry passengers you must also meet certain currency requirements, which means you must fly and do three landings to a complete stop every 90 days.

You must be at least 17 years old and possess a current 3rd Class FAA medical certificate.

The course, based on two or three sessions per week, takes about six months.

FAA Requirements

  • Minimum 40 hours (hrs.) total flight time

  • The national average is 65 to 75 hrs

  • 20 hrs. of dual flight time (with an instructor)

    • 3 hrs of cross-country flight training

    • 3 hrs at night with 10 takeoffs and landings

    • Over 100 nautical mile (nm.) night cross-country flight

    • 3 hrs. of instrument training

    • 3 hrs. preparing for the FAA check-ride

  • 10 hrs of solo flight time (without an instructor)

  • 5 hrs of cross-country flying

  • 150 nm cross-country flight

  • 3 takeoffs and landings at a towered airport


Flight Training Sequence

  • Pre-solo

  • Solo (an experience you’ll never forget!)

  • Advanced maneuvers and cross-country flying

  • Instrument and night flying

  • Solo cross-country flight

  • 150 nm cross-country flight

  • Review for the FAA written test

  • Review for the FAA check-ride

Aircraft Used for Instruction

Piper Archer – PA28-181         *$75/hr, Plus fuel

Piper Warrior – PA28-161       *$75/hr, Plus fuel

Beachcraft Duchess – BE-76  *$130, Plus fuel

Student time building will start “only” after getting your private or simultaneously with instrument rating through K-Pal Aviation.

*pricing subject to change at any time

Chino Airport  | 7000 Merrill Ave., Chino, CA 91710

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