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There has never been a brighter future for pilots than today. A window of opportunity has opened, and those prepared for a career in aviation will benefit in many untold ways. K-Pal Aviation will help you obtain the necessary certificates and ratings to kick start your future as an aviation professional. We offer pilot training from zero hours to virtually any experience level, suiting your career goals from Private Pilot License through the Commercial Pilot rating.

Southern California is a perfect environment for flight training, with most days of clear skies mixed with some actual instrument flying experience, you can fly from sea level to a quick hop for high-altitude mountain landings in all types of weather. For the most part, the weather is gorgeous.

Get your TSA approval

Once TSA approved, we are good to fly.

Aircraft Used for Instruction

Piper Archer – PA28-181         *$75/hr, Plus fuel

Piper Warrior – PA28-161       *$75/hr, Plus fuel

Beachcraft Duchess – BE-76  *$130, Plus fuel

Student time building will start “only” after getting your private or simultaneously with instrument rating through K-Pal Aviation.

*pricing subject to change at any time

Chino Airport  | 7000 Merrill Ave., Chino, CA 91710

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